Lazy-bones Halloween Decor

I came home today and decided to do some lazy Friday Halloween decorating, which means swapping out the books that sit on our media console for, wait for it, ORANGE and BLACK books. Woot! Also, that graphic print I got from my grandmother can be a little spooky, depending on the mood. So it’s propped up behind my ghoulish books for now.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 6.47.14 PM



Actually, no real geometry was used in assembling these quick home-made garlands for a friend’s bachelorette weekend in upstate New York. I used brown bags from the grocery store and cut up a bunch of haphazard triangles, while watching the West Wing (working my way through all the seasons for the third time). I probably could have taken out triangles that had writing on them, but nothing says “celebration” like “CONTAINS 40% POST CONSUMER CONTENT.” Also, I like how the writing and little bits of red print broke up the garland.

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Once cut up, I just fed the triangles into the sewing machine, using regular sewing thread, and voila. Basically, the quick budget and brown version of this or this.

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