Genius Party Tips

Recently at a party, I went to hug someone (a South American someone) hello only to realize that we were doing the kiss on the cheek and then I smushed into the hug anyway, sliding cheeks. Yeesh. Had I only watched this genius video first, directed by Eva Michon, narrated by Jason Schwartzman…

Via Garance Dorรฉ // via TENOVERSIX


Stranger Love in New York City

“Don’t love anybody more than you love yourself. You’re beautiful. I love you.”

— random older woman who passed me on the street in Brooklyn and saw that I was having an off day

nick walker art

Nick Walker via TrendHunter


When I was clerking for a federal judge a few years ago, I started a project drawing the U.S. presidents. It was triggered by my acquisition of a 1981 set of World Book Encyclopedia and the delight in reading historical entries for our nation’s forefathers, all the way up to, but not including Reagan. Also, I was taking classes at the time at the Ann Arbor Art Center with Heather Accurso who makes sometimes terrifying baby art. These are some of my drawings from the president project.

IMG_0081Blind contour drawing of George Washington.

IMG_0223Andrew Jackson.

IMG_0380Andrew Johnson, tailor by training!

IMG_0407Poor Chester Arthur, assassinated in office.